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29-Oct-2017 11:48

Andrew Sullivan attended the Rally to Restore Sanity and wrote up his impressions of the day."Stewart and Colbert have sensed a silent plurality, alienated by both parties, still hoping for Obama's success, and yet unwilling to worship any politician or even take themselves too seriously for fear of falling into the same foul-smelling bullshit that already covers far too much of our political culture." The micro game studio that I cofounded have released Attraxxion on the Apple App Store.An incredible video posted by a self-proclaimed extreme aerobatics pilot shows just how difficult it is to land a commercial airline in extreme wind.Artur Kielak posted a video of himself as he landed a Boeing 737 plane in extremely difficult weather.Its a combination puzzle / action game that we think is totally unique.

You still need digital satellite receiver, dish antenna and television devices along in order to watch listed channels live.

At least this is all free in Spain, up to and including about 10 channels. On some channels in Catalunya you’ll find the Spanish shows are dubbed into Catalan.